Thursday, 19 May 2016

A Summer Rainy cruise

Hello, nice to see you here again. I hope you're managing to keep a bit drier than us.

It was a lovely sunny morning while we were looking round the Redhouse Glass Cone Museum.
It's an amazing structure. This is the view inside, looking up to the vent in the roof.

This is one of the pots that used to hold the molten glass

such a shame that the sign is needed

We had help from CRT contractors at the first lock of the day. They were laying tarmac and chippings along the towpath so I had to get back onboard for the short trip to the next lock. The workmen were very helpful and opened and shut the gates for me.  I asked if they fancied a ride down the next 10 locks but for some reason they preferred the tarmac??

There were some spectacular conifers along the towpath. They looked like they'd been decorated with candles.

As I said yesterday, we've never been along the Stourbridge Canal before but we'll definitely be back. The locks are easy to operate, there are hardly any boats either moving or moored up and the scenery is simply stunning.....even in the rain.

We're now on the Staffordshire and Worcester Canal and if you watch John Sargent's "Barging Round Britain" TV programme you'll recognise this circular bi-wash which he spoke about in a recent episode.

It's been a very wet afternoon's cruise and we'd normally just moor up and sit it out, but we were on a deadline today as David had booked a Boat Safety examiner to come to Kinver to do his BSC test.
Hopefully the boat will pass and we'll carry on again tomorrow.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people read this blog. Recently we've met quite a few readers and yesterday Roger had a phone call from an old business aquaintance who had been chatting to a fellow colleague who regularly reads our blog and knew that we'd recently been in Birmingham.  So "Hello Neil" we hope you and the rest of the guys are keeping busy and keep on reading!

That's all for now, come back soon

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