Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Caen Hill Locks

Hi, welcome back

I opened the blinds this morning and almost started singing "Oh what a beautiful morning".  I say almost as if I had, it would have started raining!  I cannot sing for toffee.............. The sun was shining through clear blue skies, the birds were singing and it was just perfect for climbing Caen Hill lock flight.

We were breasted up and ready to go when the lockie unlocked the bottom gates dead on 8.00 am. He'd emptied all the locks last night before he put the padlocks on so we had a clear run up with every one set for us.

We've worked this way many times before and soon had a good rhythm going, so much so that when a couple of volunteers arrived about 9.00 offering to help, we declined.  Five locks from the top we were joined by an Australian family, mum, dad and 3 young boys who were eager to help.  We let them open and close gates and work the paddles and they loved it!

It took us 2 hours to do the 16 locks and we moored in the pound at the top as the first couple of boats were just getting ready to start down.  The cafe opened at 10.30 and we dived in for bacon butties and a brew, perfect end to a perfect morning.

Bye for now, come back soon

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