Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Killing time

Hello again,

We've just spent a few days at Crick but it's a communications black hole with no decent phone or TV signals and the only internet we could get was what we pinched off the restaurant we were moored opposite.  Roger needed to hire a car for a quick trip back to Bristol to liaise with the engineer doing works on our new boat but apart from that we've just been killing time.  We've now got a firm completion date though and have made all the arrangements to move out of Fizzi and into the new boat next Tuesday.

It's quite alarming how much we've come to rely on good internet access. I can live without TV but we've felt really isolated without the net, especially as Roger has needed to research equipment manuals and suppliers. So this morning we've left Crick and moved back towards Watford Locks. Internet is passable but there's still no phone or TV.

This will probably be my last blog before we deliver Fizzi to her new owners at weekend as I just don't have anything interesting to tell you about. Hopefully there'll be decent wifi in Yelvertoft Marina so I can introduce you to her new owners before we leave.

Bye for now

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