Saturday, 15 October 2011

It's pie day!

I had a baking morning today, starting off with Cheese and Onion Pie based on this recipe 
I changed it a bit and simmered the onions for 15 mins. rather than frying them in butter to cut down on the fat a bit and I also added 3 diced leftover cooked potatoes to make the cheese go a bit further. It took an hour to cook at gas 6 but was worth it as it was delicious for lunch with some sweet corn. We’ll have the other half cold tomorrow.

I’ve never been much good at making pastry so I always use Jus Rol shortcrust pastry from the supermarket. It freezes well so is handy to have in on standby for when the pie monster rears its head.

The cheese and onion pie only used about ¾ of the pastry so I rolled the rest out again and used some windfall apples to make a kind of apple pie.

I put the rolled pastry on a greased baking sheet and pricked the centre section with a fork before spreading 2 spoonfuls of Aldi chunky marmalade over it. I like this marmalade as it’s very dark, almost bitter and has very thick chunks of orange peel making it good for toast or cooking.

I then peeled and thinly sliced the apples and piled them on top of the marmalade along with a sprinkling of sugar . These windfalls have been quite sweet, a bit like a Cox’s apple, so didn’t need much sugar. I then just pulled up the edges of the pastry to hold the apples inside, brushed it with milk and baked it underneath the cheese pie for 40 mins.

When it was done, I glazed the apples with a bit of melted marmalade to give it a shine.

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