Sunday, 9 March 2014

Perfect cruising weather

With the morning dawning bright and sunny we decided it was too nice to sit around surfing on t'internet and set off cruising towards Leicester.

The River Soar is really beautiful on a sunny day but there was a distinct lack of boats, either moving or moored up. Where is everyone?

We stopped to take on water at the Hope and Anchor pub at Syston but the tap was so slow we managed to cook and eat lunch and have a pint sitting outside the pub while the tank filled by less than a half. In the end we gave up and carried on.

The sun had brought out hundreds of people who were walking or cycling in Watermead Country Park and we had an audience of gongoozlers at every lock.

Not wanting to go quite as far as the centre of Leicester we turned round just below Belgrave lock and retraced our journey back to Thurmaston where we moored below the lock, beside a rusty iron sculpture.

Hopefully this glorious weather will last a few more days. Wouldn't it be great if it lasted all summer?


James said...

We only passed one boat in six and a half hours as well. They don't know what they're missing ;)

nb Chuffed said...

Have you seen the sculptures in Watermead park? Some bits of dinosaur and a scene from King Lear on the far side - apparently he was based on an ancient king reputed to be buried in those parts. It's a lovely park anyway!

Yvonne said...

We haven't walked round Watermead Park yet, but thanks for the tip. Only problem with parks round here is that they are full of dogs off the lead and Chico HATES dogs, so we tend to walk in less popular areas.