Thursday, 19 June 2014

King's Sutton

My friend and her husband came to visit yesterday and we had a lovely slow, peaceful cruise to Lower Heyford. They haven't been on a narrowboat before and by the time they left he was making plans to buy one to live-aboard. She wasn't quite convinced, although she did fancy the idea of a holiday boat. We adjourned to The Bell  in the village for a late lunch, knowing that as it was one of the CAMRA 2013 pub of the year finalists the beer was going to be good. The food was pretty good too.

Today we stopped for lunch beside a field that was being mown. Six huge Buzzards were circling around the tractor hunting for whatever small mammals were being disturbed.

They made a spectacular sight and came really close to the boat.

As we came through one of the bridge holes - sorry can't remember which one - the towpath had been recently rebuilt and looked like it had been planted with wildflower seeds as a stretch of about 100m was full of poppies, daisies etc.  If only the rest of the overgrown towpath vegetation was this pretty!

Since we came down the Oxford Canal back in early May the cottage at King's Sutton Lock has been put on the market. It's getting new fencing a has a new life-ring and is up for sale at £495,000


Anonymous said...

Hi, the bird in the picture appears to be a red kite not a buzzard.
Kites are about the same size as buzzards, but have a forked tail, (the buzzard's is rounded),and pale wing patches on the underside. The underside of a buzzard's wing varies but they don't usually have just a pale band. The red kites are a hugely successful reintroduction and their numbers are soaring.
I'm jealous, I see buzzards but not kites where I live.
best wishes for your summer cruising, Chris F.

Yvonne said...

Thanks for that Chris. We've seen scores of these birds while we've been down on the Thames and the Oxford Canal so they're obviously very common round here.