Tuesday, 22 July 2014

On to Dogdyke

We only had one lock today and as CRT were working on the lock landing the guys helped by doing most of the work for us.

The River Witham continues to be straight and weedy with not a lot to see

although the now disused Bardney sugar-beet works does rather dominate the skyline for a while

If you'd like to see what's inside the factory I found an interesting website which you can visit it HERE

There aren't any "wild moorings" on this stretch of the river, but there are plenty of rising pontoons

like this one at Dunston Fen

and the one we stopped for lunch at

While were having lunch this old plane flew over, I'm sure one of you will be able to identify it for me.

We've finally moored for the night at the Packet Inn at Dogdyke. Unfortunately the pub is closed on Tuesdays, but it's given Roger a good chance to carry out all his engine checks ready for our Wash crossing later this week. He particularly wanted to drain some diesel from the bottom of the tank to make sure we didn't have any sludge or diesel bug which may have gotten churned up and caused engine problems if the crossing was at all choppy. Happily all was crystal clear.

The mooring is very close to the end of the runway at Conningsby Airfield and there have been lots of planes flying very close over head. They sometimes come in singularly or sometimes in pairs, and the noise is deafening, but that's a small price to pay for such interesting entertainment. The jets are Typhoons & Tornados but they also fly propeller planes like the Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster & Dakota. The propeller plane we saw earlier had obviously come form here.

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