Sunday, 3 August 2014

Ferry Meadows - Peterborough

I think crossing the Wash has given us a taste for wide open spaces. When we got to Peterborough the other day we did a quick trip to Asda and carried on to moor on Overton Lake at Ferry Meadows which is part of the Nene Park.

The lake is huge and the moorings are good

although the pontoons aren't really dog friendly as they have a wide mesh which neither of the dogs liked walking on. We were OK as Chico is small enough to carry, but Bob had to put mats down for Bentley to walk on.

The park was really busy all day but by 8pm almost everyone had gone home, so we set up on the picnic tables for our last meal together. We'd planned on having another BBQ but it had rained, so we'd each cooked in the boat and just ate together outside.  Yes, we did have a table cloth - well standards must be maintained don't you know!

In the morning we said a sad farewell to Bob & Nicola who were heading back to their home mooring. We've spent a great 3 weeks in their company and hope to cruise with them again soon. In fact the men are already discussing next year's Big Summer Adventure.

We stayed at the park a bit longer so Chico could have some really good walks and doggy fun after being cooped up for so long at Boston and on the long crossing.

There's loads to see and do here and we'll probably pay a return visit in a couple of weeks.

The bird life is very diverse and there were several late/second broods of ducklings and Grebe chicks. I've never seen one as small as this before, must have only been a couple of days old.

There are several tree carvings scattered around the park. These are just two of them

We're now moored in Peterborough for a few days. The moorings here are just at the perfect height for Roger to wash all the salt spray off the boat and do some well overdue paint touching-up. I also need some retail therapy and the shopping centre in the city centre is excellent for that.

Bye for now..............

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