Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Happy New Year

Hello, Nice to see you again

I'm a bit late wishing you Happy New Year as we're both a bit under the weather with the dreaded lurgy.  We've had it for a week now and neither of us can remember ever having had such bad colds before.  On the plus side, we don't need to make resolutions to go on diets as neither of us has felt much like eating so haven't put on any weight over the holiday period. 

We did have a wonderful time over Christmas though.  Our daughter and her family came to stay and Christmas morning was just magical.  We'd had all the awkward questions about how Santa would find the children to leave their presents and how would he get into the boat as we don't have a chimney.  All I can say is thank heavens for B&M Bargains.  A magic key plus "Santa Please Stop Here" sign and door mat calmed all fears. 

Spiderman is all the rage at the moment and Santa managed to find a suitable playsuit for our grandson.

We had a major panic just before Christmas when the generator packed up again.  It's a good job Roger can fix most things and once again the problem was down to shoddy initial installation and loose connections.  He's got lots of work planned for as soon as he's better. The next job is insulating all the heating and water pipes under the floor and yesterday we moored near Two Mile Bridge so that we could walk to Wickes to take advantage of their sale and buy lots of the foam insulation.

That's all for now. Take care and come back soon

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