Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Swallows and Swans

I forgot to show you this sign outside The Albion pub in Chester.  It sounds just our sort of pub.

We've seen quite a few swans today, mostly lone males as the females are sitting on their nests.  This one's next to the Shady Oak pub.

The weather's been glorious today and we've been in short sleeves for most of the day. This is Tilstone Lock.  

The by-wash comes out underneath the bridge and every so often it shoots 3 ft in the air. It's quite spectacular.

We stopped at Calveley Services to fill up with water.

The swallows have arrived and are nesting on the rafters.

The walls are covered in poo and with so many birds flying about it must get a bit dicey walking through there later in the summer.

We're now moored opposite the Barbridge Inn and I've been feeding this cobb swan.

I buy special floating duck & swan food which keeps them occupied long enough to take  plenty of photographs.  It's also much better for them than bread and a bag usually lasts me all year so it works out quite economical really.

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