Friday, 4 May 2012


This morning we certainly knew we were back on the main line of the Shroppie (Shropshire Union Canal) when the speed boats started rushing past.  One was so fast it dragged our “sinking” fenders out from where they’d been trapped to stop the boat banging on the Shroppie Shelf (a ledge which runs along the canal side) and pushed the boat up onto the shelf.  As usual the speeders were all private boats.

It’s nice to be back on the mainline as there’s so much more to see.

We passed this unusual colourful boat.

Did you notice the open window?  This character was on guard.

There's a large wooden statue beside the bridge at Nantwich Basin

I think this is stating the obvious don’t you? If you can't read it, it says "Beware Obstruction"

These ducklings were cuddled up having a sleep in the bridge hole till we went past.

We’re now moored at Coole Pilate leisure area and as it was such a nice afternoon we made good use of one of the picnic tables and removed the cratch cover for cleaning.

I just love watching men work!

After washing off the muck, we used this product on the outside of the cratch.  It brings it up really well and leaves a good, shiny, water repellent finish which will last through till next Spring.

I always think the boat looks strange without the cratch cover but while it was off I cleaned the inside of the bow and then renewed the spider protection spray.  I was a bit dubious when I bought this last summer but it really works. 

We used to get lots of spiders both in the cratch and in the boat, but since I’ve been using this we hardly ever see any at all.  It’s not easy to find in the shops so the easiest way to buy it is on the internet.


Adam said...

The stuff you use on the cratch cover, would it reseal seams? In the heavy rain the other day I found that we have water seeping through one of the seams in our cover, and was wondering if there might be something to restore it to waterproof again.

Yvonne said...

I don't think it would be suitable but Coverit who made our cratch recommend re-sealing stitching with good old vaseline.

Adam said...

That's a good idea -- I'll give it a try.