Thursday, 16 August 2012


After a quick trip into Droitwich Spa this morning, we set off down to Worcester.

This unusual flower trough was on the balcony of the Navigation Pub.

We'd been warned that the double locks on this stretch of canal were very hard to work, but we found them to be no worse than most other double locks.   The only problems, if you can call them problems, were the amount of duck weed and reeds in the canal.  In places the water was like thick pea soup and at times the reeds encroached so far into the canal that there was only a boat's width clear down the centre.

The last lock on the Droitwich Canal was overflowing.

As instructed, we phoned ahead to the lock keeper

and dug out the life jackets.

By the time we got to the lock, it was set for us.  River locks are huge and, thankfully, fully automated.  I wouldn't fancy trying to push one of those gates open!

We're now moored in Worcester, beside the canoe club.

It's Worcester Beerfest  for the next 3 days.  This photo gives you some idea of the scale of it, however I couldn't fit it all in one shot.  We're going tonight after dinner so I'll tell you about it tomorrow.


Ali and John (NB Triskaideka) said...

Must have just missed you, we came down the Severn today but fairly sure you weren't on the mooring as we came past. Have a good time at the Beerfest.


Yvonne said...

Sorry we missed you, didn't get here till around 4.30, maybe catch you up later depending on which way you're going